Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dave and Busters...not as Zero Waste as planned


Week 2

For our January Christmas Adventure, we went to Dave and Busters. I wrongly assumed that this would be a zero waste activity. It pretty much was until it was time to cash in their tickets. I was busy playing a game with Noah when Trey cashed in his tickets for "prizes". Unfortunately, I was not there to supervise and by the time I went to the prize room, Trey had already exchanged his tickets for the bag shown above. We had a talk about overindulging. I'm not sure at age 11 he fully understood. I let him keep the bag, although it pained me to watch him eat so many treats with artificial colors and flavors. Since this was a splurge, I let it go. Noah and Aaron also had a bag of treats, although not quit as much as Trey. Needless to say, I won that week. As my fun activity, we went to a Glass Art Studio. We were there for hours and were able to make some great useful objects with recycled glass. I can not share the pictures yet because one is a gift for someone that reads the blog faithfully.

* I will update week 3 and 4 this weekend.