Rules of Competition

1. Any trash you accumulate during the day must go into the container.
2. When you are at work/school you must bring trash back home with you to put into container.
3. All food waste, including from a restaurant, must go into the compost bin. If not possible, will be in waste count.
4. Allowed one recyclable plastic to go directly into recycling bin. After that all plastic will be included into your count. At the end of the week and trash is weighed/counted you will put all your recyclables into the recycling bin.
*Note- reason for rule #4 is that I do not want my sons to get in a habit of thinking that if it is recyclable than it is not trash. There are a lot of resources that go into recycling and most people do not research what their area will and won't recycle. Some cities have strict recycling rules and will throw away items that you may think are being recycled. Finding zero waste alternatives is a goal rather than relying on using recyclable plastics.

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