Thursday, May 29, 2014

With 4 days left in Virginia and 2 days left of the school year, we have been running around with school activities, packing, moving and trying to catch our breath. Our waste war has been pushed to the back burner; however we are still very conscious of what we buy and throw away. We are visiting my mom in NYC four our annual summer visit on Monday. We will compete during the week and will challenge my mom to join in.

We have been keeping track our Spunky Avocado Challenge. It was easier than I envisioned. It was nice to ignore all the emails I get daily from clothing stores. We made do with what we had and did not feel deprived in any way. Now that we are getting ready to move, I am ending the challenge today so that I can start buying items we need for our new house. Once we are settled in, I will see if the boys are willing to try another month. Below are our monthly totals:

Me: 1 book, 1 pedicure
Aaron: 0
Noah: 0
Trey: 1 pair of shoes (used clothes allowance)