Friday, July 5, 2013

Noah and Trey Both Win

Picture: Maggie left (one not shown), Noah middle (one not shown), Trey right 

Maggie: 9 items. I did not have a great week. The Styrofoam container shown above was from today's lunch. I did not ask for a to go box, however the waitress brought one out anyway and slid the remaining part of my sandwich in it. The item not shown above was a plastic straw.  This is also from today's lunch. I asked for a glass of water without a straw, however the waitress brought one in the glass. Some of this trash was not due to lack of effort but because it is so habitual for a waitress to stick a straw in someone's drink or bring out a to go box. 
Noah: 2 items (sour patch kids not pictured)
Trey: 2 items
*The 3 tabs in each of our piles is what we pull off of the glass milk. We decided that we would each take one since we each participate in drinking the milk. The tabs are the only part of the glass bottles that we can not return to become reused. 

  Noah and Trey deserve to win this week. They worked very hard. They made their lunch for camp each day they went this week. Usually they look forward to eating out for dinner when we are on the road but they both made a zero waste dinner to eat in the car. While staying at our friends the past two days, we spent a lot of time at the pool. In the past, Noah and Trey would ask for sports drinks and snacks to purchase at the snack bar. This time they packed a zero waste lunch, snacks and their water bottles. 

  Noah and Trey chose Ripley's Believe It or Not as their fun activity and to write Trader Joe's a letter for our environmental activity. The letter will ask Trader Joe's to consider using less packaging on their produce and products. The Trader Joe's around our house wraps all of their fruits and vegetables in plastic. There is no need to wrap each individual tomato, pepper, cucumber, etc in plastic.

  We are leaving for NYC tomorrow morning and start week 3. My oldest, Aaron, will join the war tomorrow. We are excited to show my mom how we live a zero waste life. 

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