Sunday, August 25, 2013

Noah Wins!


With summer vacation completed and getting back to our normal routine, this week seemed pretty easy and we produced minimal waste.

Weekly Round Up (community waste is added into all of our totals):

Maggie: 5
Aaron: 4
Noah: 3 
Trey: 4

Community Waste: 1) Trey needed a PE lock for school. We could only find one that was in a plastic container. 2) When someone in our house has a birthday, I enjoy baking a zero waste cake. Since it was my birthday and my husband doesn't bake, he went out and bought one. Unfortunately it caused plastic waste. 3) milk tab 

For Noah's weekly reward, he has chosen to see the movie, The Sea of Monsters. For his environmental activity, we will go apple picking at a local orchard. I know this isn't really an environmental activity, however my little negotiators convinced me that we are helping the planet by picking apples off of a tree instead of buying them from a grocery store.  Their arguments for the orchard included the following; eating local cuts down on fuel since the apples are not being shipped and we are 'voting' with our money to help our local farmers. Also, we save energy because we know the apples are not stored in a warehouse where they can sit up to a year before being delivered to a grocery store. Lastly, the orchard apples are organic which is healthier for us.  Since we try to only eat seasonal fruit, we are excited to crunch into our first apples of the season.

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