Monday, March 31, 2014

Aaron's Win and Ice Skating

Aaron won waste war this past week. This is only his second win, so I was  very proud of his efforts. Aaron chose to go to Panera Bread. I was impressed with some small changes Panera's has made in the past few months. They have eliminated disposable plastic cups for water and serve reusable cups. Panera's also changed their ‘to go’ containers from plastic to paper. This has always been a company that strives to recycle, compost and conserve resources. Trey decided he would write to the company and ask them to stop serving plastic knives for their cream cheese, since they serve stainless steel knives for their other dishes. I love when the boys take their own initiative toward our waste war. 

Our Christmas in March activity was ice skating.  Although we were all terrible at ice skating, we had a fantastic time, stayed completely zero waste and made many fun memories. In April, we are going to Universal Studios in Orlando and Naples, Florida for a week. We are starting to plan now on how to best keep our waste down when we are at the parks.  Key to traveling waste free is pre-planning. 

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