Sunday, June 30, 2013

Got Milk?

  Our family does drink milk and a lot of it. How? We buy organic, local milk in glass bottles. We pay a $2 deposit and get the $2 back when we return the bottles.  Now before you say we don't have that where I live, please remember where I live. Bumpass, Virginia. I live in one of the most rural areas in the US (or at least I feel like that). Believe it or not, we have not one but two Whole Foods near us. The closest one is 25 minutes away but any grocery store is that far to us. We keep our gas emissions down by only going to the store once a week.

  As you can see by the top of the bottle, my family loves a wide variety of milk. We also purchase lemon aid (yellow bottle) with the same deposit/return program. The more that people participate in this, the more stores will get involved. This way we  drink milk that is from a local farm, less of a cost than organic milk from other grocery stores, not in a plastic container and that will be reused in glass bottles over and over. 


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