Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trey is the winner!

Picture: Maggie's pile left, Trey middle (1 item not pictured), Noah right (2 items not pictured)
* Recyclables not pictured. We were each allowed one a day that did not count in our waste total.
Maggie: 5 (surgical plastic was one, I cut it into 4 small pieces)
Trey: 4 (plates from camp lunch)
Noah: 9 (plates from camp lunch and snacks from camp)

Trey won with 4 items of trash. If we had chosen weight, I would have won. We are still figuring out the tweeks. I think for our family the actual number of trash accumulated is easier for the boys to keep track of. Even though they decided to have camp lunch twice, they still produced a very small amount for the entire week and I am very proud of their efforts. 

Trey has chosen to go see White House Down tonight for his fun activity. Litter walk for his environmental activity. We are starting week 2 today.

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