Thursday, June 27, 2013

LA passes ban on plastic shopping bags

Over 70 cities in California have joined the plastic free movement, including San Francisco and LA, which is the largest city so far to ban plastic shopping bags.  Just this week LA banned plastic shopping bags. This will take effect in Jan 2014 for stores that gross more than 2 million or larger than 10,000 sq ft. and July 2014 for smaller stores. (Business Week)

Virginia hasn’t been as progressive as California and still has not banned plastic shopping bags anywhere. I hope California causes a ripple effect and more states, cities and towns get on board. 

Below are two informative links(click on Chico Bag and Plastic Pollution Coalition):
Chico Bag has a list of countries, states and cities that have implemented the plastic ban and those that have tried but failed.   
Plastic Pollution Coalition is a good resource in case you are interested in learning ways that you can help with the movement. 

Tomorrow is the last day of our first week challenge. This has been an eye opening experience already for them and they have thought hard about all their actions that could cause waste.  Yesterday Trey even turned down a lollipop because it was wrapped in plastic. It wasn’t easy but he is determined to win this week.  It is a tight race and I will announce the winner Saturday morning with pictures of our accumulated trash.

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