Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day one in San Francisco

   Our first stop was breakfast. I have never seen these great bins  (above picture) for customer usage in any food establishment in my area. Such a simple idea that could easily be placed in most cafes.  We then headed to China Town to purchase some scarves because it is cold here. The picture below is the reusable bag that the store owner uses for all purchases. I was happily surprised, since I had forgotten my reusable bags back in the hotel room. I will take this bag with me for all future purchases in San Francisco. 

  The rest of the day was pretty simple to remain waste free since all of the restaurants that we have been to so far, use real utensils and plates opposed to plastic.  Even my step daughter's, Deanna, take out box was compostable. The last store we went to was a shoe store. The store had a sign by the cash register that read 'Warning this store contains chemicals that could cause cancer, birth defects and illness. From proposition 65.' I have never seen a sign like that in a store, however I am not familiar with California props and store regulations. When I return home I will research this, or if anyone living in California is aware of these regulations, please leave a comment.

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