Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trey and I win!!

   Being at home this week made it much easier to get close to zero waste. This picture shows all of our trash with three exceptions. Noah and Trey each had a hot pocket sleeve when they ate a snack at a neighbor's.  They had forgotten that they had sandwiches wrapped in cloth napkins which mildewed after a few days. Yuck! Tried washing but had to throw out the napkins. The last item was a paper napkin. I love to have ice cream because it is zero waste when eaten in a cone. It was hot a few days ago and my ice cream started to drip everywhere. I had no choice but to grab a napkin and clean up my mess. It was so saturated in ice cream, I threw it away instead of bringing it home for a picture. 

Maggie: 4 items (napkin not pictured)

Aaron- 8 items

Noah- 5 items (hot pocket and cloth napkin not pictured)

Trey- 4 items (hot pocket and cloth napkin not pictured)

  The key this week was to be prepared with lunch and snacks where ever we went. There were a few moments where Gatorade and other vending machine plastic wrapped snacks were calling their names. The boys had enough self control to fight the urge. They are determined to win each week.  

 Trey and I chose to go to Jumpology next week for our fun activity. For our environmental activity we will double up the following week when we are all together again.  Noah and Trey will be away this week visiting family in Northern Virginia while Aaron and I are flying to San Francisco.  Noah and Trey will be on the honor system and will try to keep track of their trash. Since they are staying with family, they have no control over the food that is bought for them.  Because of this, they will take this week off from the war, however I have strongly encouraged them to be aware of their trash and remember how many items they have at the end of the week.  Aaron and I will still compete this week, however I will take pictures of our trash instead of keeping it.  We are looking forward to visiting a "green" city where plastic bags are banned from stores and where you don't get weird stares for shopping in bulk.

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