Friday, July 12, 2013

Noah is the Winner!!

The picture is only a portion of our trash this week. Since we were in NY, it was difficult to carry around dirty napkins, tea bags etc. Below is the true count.

Maggie: 7 items (3 items from salad not shown)
Aaron- 14 items (missing band aide, napkins and tea bags)
Noah - 6 items (missing soda can, napkin and tea bags)
Trey - 8 items (missing soda can, napkin and tea bags)

 For the most part, the boys did a great job. They remembered to pack a lunch where ever we went, which included a cloth napkin wrapped around their sandwich, water bottle, and tins for snacks. This eliminated times that we would get hungry when out around the town and might have made impulsive waste decisions. At each restaurant they remembered to tell every waiter No Straw with their drink. We leave NY tomorrow and will be back to our normal routine so our count of 35 pieces of trash (yikes) will be a lot smaller.

  Noah has chosen to see Despicable Me for his reward. Anyone that knows me is aware that I am not crazy about animated films. However, I let them chose their own reward because they work very hard to earn it. For our environmental activity we will write a letter to Jamba Juice. Their 16 oz drink comes in a Styrofoam cup, however their larger sizes come in recyclable paper cups. We will ask for them to consider serving all of their drinks in recyclable paper cups, as Styrofoam is dangerous to drink from and not easy to recycle.

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  1. It is hard when you are on the go, but you all did an excellent job. I had maybe 5% of the garbage that is usual during your visits.