Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doesn't always work out as planned



   One of our many traditions in NY is to go to an outside dinner cafe that has a great view of the river. I remembered that this particular cafe only serves their drinks in plastic cups so we all came prepared with our water bottles. Every year I usually order the same dish, which comes on a tray that the restaurant reuses. This year I wasn't very hungry and I ordered a salad. I was surprised and disappointed that my meal came in a plastic bowl, with a plastic fork and a paper napkin. Not only did that mean that they did not make this meal themselves but now I also have three items to add to my trash pile. After the week I will recycle all three items, however they will be included in my count. The boys were excited that I am now in last place again this week, even after all my hard efforts. I have been playing with the idea of traveling with a fork wrapped in a cloth napkin in my bag for times like this. Although this may seem extreme to some, it is what makes me feel more comfortable so I am prepared for the unpredictable situations that may arise. 

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  1. Everything is a learning experience including some failures.