Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aaron and I Win


Aaron and I won this past week.  This was Aaron's first win.  Since I was under the weather last weekend and could not make it to the grocery store, my husband went and bought a box of cereal (plastic bag above). He also bought chocolate chips for our granola bars but did not want to deal with bulk, so he bought Nestle in plastic. I am feeling better now so these incidents should be few and far between. Besides those two pieces of waste, we had another easy week. When recapping our waste from this week, Noah was honest and admitted that he ate not one but two bags of Doritos from the school vending machine and Trey had a lollipop that he received from his teacher. We talked about better choices, however I understand that they can not resist temptation all the time.

Weekly Round Up:

Maggie: 1 (woohoo)
Aaron: 1 (woohoo)
Noah: 2
Trey: 2

Community: 2

Aaron and I decided to go on a hike and picnic up to Monticello for our fun activity. For our environmental activity, as requested from my 16 year old niece (I am overjoyed that she is sending me environmental activities), a letter to the mechanical pencil company and ask them to bring back erasers instead of a plastic cap.  She explained that the pencils now have plastic caps, which causes a lot of waste and has no purpose.  I think it is important to include a variety of environmental activities that are significant for all ages.

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