Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zero Waste Peaches, Apples and Donuts


This past weekend we had our 'environmental activity', peach and apple picking with friends. The boys and I love the taste of fresh peaches and apples right off of the tree. The peaches were perfect and so juicy. At Carter Mountain there is one thing that ranks higher than peaches and apples to my boys: donuts. I do not like donuts, however I have to admit that I can scarf one of Carter Mountain's apple donuts down in about 5 seconds. 

After picking all the fruit we could carry in our reusable bags, we went to the donut counter. These donuts come in plastic containers so Aaron, Noah and Trey  were trying to decide if it was worth the waste or not. Our friends that came with us, that are very supportive of our lifestyle, said 'why don't you ask if they can give you donuts without plastic?'. A very kind lady that works at the orchard over heard our conversation and commented that she would be more than happy to bring us the donuts straight from the vat, eliminating plastic. The boys were very happy and decided that they wanted 6 each to enjoy over the next week. 

I guess it never hurts to ask. People are very willing to help accommodate a zero waste request. We had the advantage of having warm, delicious donuts that had never been wrapped in a plastic container. Because of this accommodating experience, we will be headed back to the orchard in October for pumpkins, apples and more donuts. 

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