Sunday, August 4, 2013

Addition to our rules



  I just watched a fabulous documentary, The Clean Bin Project. In the documentary, a husband and wife compete for one year to see who can have the least amount of waste. One of their rules was to bring home all restaurant waste, including food to compost. This is important because food thrown into trash bags will rot. The rot releases methane, which damages the environment 20 times more than carbon dioxide.  

  Although we have been bringing home all of our trash from restaurants, we have not taken our leftover food home. The boys decided that they wanted to incorporate this into one of our rules. I just finished a large glass mason jar of vegetable soup that I bought at the Farmer's Market. We washed it clean tonight and put it straight into the trunk of the car so that we are prepared if we decide to go out to eat. 

  The picture above shows some compost bins from Plow and Hearth. We own the stainless steel compost pail.  Although I think the ceramic composts are far more attractive, having three boys I was worried it would break quickly. Each evening after dinner, we empty the bin to the backyard where we have a designated spot for our compost pile.  The compost turns into soil which we mix into our garden. The soil provides nutrients which grows our fruits and vegetables. Perfect cycle.  

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