Sunday, August 18, 2013

Different Perspective



During the first week of school, Aaron, Noah and Trey were shocked and horrified at how much waste was generated. We are all ashamed to admit that before we started writing this blog, we did not notice all the waste thrown away daily around us.  Since starting our waste war, we feel like blinders have been lifted off our eyes and we notice trash and plastic indulgence every where we go.

Each day this past week, they have each shared some type of plastic story.

Noah shared that his school serves breakfast on Styrofoam trays with donuts wrapped in plastic (nutrition is not on the priority list either).  For lunch, they offer daily, as he calls it, the plastic option. It contains a cheese stick wrapped in plastic, pb&j wrapped in plastic, apple sauce in a small plastic tub, a bag of pretzels wrapped in a plastic bag and a plastic fork and spoon wrapped in plastic. Then they place all of these items in a large plastic container.  He also noticed that the packers have the majority of their food wrapped in separate plastic bags and a juice box with a plastic straw, wrapped in plastic.  All of this is mindlessly thrown away. 

Aaron noticed that the hot option is served on Styrofoam trays. This bothers him since we have learned when Styrofoam is heated it becomes toxic and the food on it will become dangerous to eat.

Trey had similar stories as well. He thought it was "cool" that when his principal announced that it is time to throw away their waste, he didn't have any trash to throw away.

The boys and I wish the zero waste concept would begin to spread as their schools have several large trash cans filled daily to be disposed of in the landfill.  They do not offer a recycling option. We will bring awareness to their schools and show the need of recycling. 

Has anyone started a recycling program in your child's school? If so, please share the steps you took.


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