Saturday, August 17, 2013



Finally I won! Yes, I am a tad bit competitive and it was hard to lose every week. I was determined to win this week.

Weekly Round Up:

Maggie: 3 (missing: small plastic honey mustard container)
Aaron: 5 (2 cups missing)
Noah: 4 (I was not with him at Game Stop to remind him that he does not need a bag to hold one game)
Trey: 4

For my weekly reward I have chosen to see the movie Elysium.  I normally would have chosen a different activity than a movie, however, I want to see this movie and I knew the boys would not pick it as their activity. For my weekly environmental activity, I chose to discuss recycling with Noah and Trey's middle school, as they currently do not have any recycling program.

Below is our waste from the past 4 weeks. We are proud to say that our trash from 4 people for 4 weeks, weighed less than one average person throws away in a day. 



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