Monday, October 7, 2013

Trey and I Win!

Weekly Round Up:

Maggie: 2  Pictured - *black tea packaging, creamer tab

Aaron: 4   Pictured- apple juice, Not pictured- plate, fork, knife (during his band competition)

Noah: 6    Pictured- fork, knife (forgot lunch at home), Not pictured- school tray, 3 sodas (From a school dance, yikes!)

Trey: 2    Not pictured- lollipop stick and wrapper

Community Trash: *3 tea packaging, milk tab and aluminum foil (no one is claiming the aluminum foil so we are calling it community trash) 

* My boys love to drink tea. Until recently I was not aware of the dangers of drinking non organic tea. After doing research, we ordered 4 different types of Numi Tea. It is a wonderful organic tea, which has no artificial flavoring, natural flavors, pesticides or GMO's. 

We are not organizing a fun weekly activity this weekend because I am flying to California on Wednesday and will be gone for a week. My mom will be taking care of them and I am positive they will experience MANY fun activities with her. 

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