Monday, September 30, 2013

Enjoying New Foods

Last night at dinner I was filled with pride when the boys inhaled an Israeli salad with Tahini/lemon/honey dressing I made for dinner. Six months ago they hardly ever ate anything related to a salad especially Aaron (17 year old). They moaned and groaned if I tried to hide tomatoes or onions in any dish, let alone eating it straight from a bowl. Last night all 3 asked for seconds and Aaron declared he now loves tomatoes. None of them even minded the onions.


Going Zero Waste has changed our lives more than feeling great about our footprint on the environment. They are eating unprocessed foods and enjoying the taste of real foods. Aaron used to carry an epi pen and 2 inhalers for asthma and took 2 medications for allergies. He has not had a single asthma attack since eliminating artificial food coloring and flavoring from our diets 6 months ago. His allergies are minimal and he even told his school nurse he wasn't allergic to anything anymore (she called me very confused). All of us have more energy and feel lighter. I will never go back to processed foods even if we could find them in bulk.


***Update on Our Waste Count: This past week I was not consistent in asking the boys for their daily waste count. They cannot remember how much they had but they think about 1 or 2 each. I had 3 pieces of waste and will be added to the monthly count. I will make an effort to ask each day and not let another week pass us by.

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