Friday, June 13, 2014

Save the Bay

Save the Bay
50 Zero Waste Activities Around San Francisco and East Bay

    After a year of competing in the waste war, being zero waste in our home has become habitual and automatic. We will continue to be zero waste at home, however it is time for a new challenge. 

   Moving to the East Bay area, we are on the hunt for exciting outings. The kids and I are searching for places that are zero waste friendly and companies that make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly.  Another aspect of our zero waste effort is to discover how to make your typical, everyday activities as waste friendly as possible. 

   Each week, we will document our experience with new zero waste activities as well as provide tips on how to easily and conveniently maintain a zero waste lifestyle whether you are at home or on the go.

   Tomorrow we will highlight the challenges a local ice cream shop endures in order to maintain a zero waste environment. We are going to take a first hand look at this relatively new business and explore the ways in which they are able to cut down on waste, in an industry where it can be difficult to be green.  

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