Monday, July 7, 2014

Activity 4: San Francisco Giants Game

Going zero waste at a baseball game took some preparation, however it was not difficult.  My motto for zero waste has become research and preparation. In this case, I was glad that I did my research and found out that we were not allowed to bring in our stainless steel water bottles. We normally bring our water bottles wherever we go.  By checking the stadiums rules regarding bringing food and drinks, we knew to leave our water bottles at home.

The stadium only allows unopened plastic bottles. We really did not want to bring in and drink from the plastic bottles. Our alternative was to purchase drinks in paper cups and keep the cups to put in our compost at home. We decided to eat dinner at home before the 7pm game. Better food and we can control the waste.

We enjoyed to game even though the Giants lost. And we had a bonus: we were there for the Giants' July 4th firework display.

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