Friday, July 11, 2014

Activity 5: Bus Tour around San Francisco

Living near San Francisco, what better way to see the city but to be a tourist.  I went on a bus tour last summer and enjoyed it immensely. The weather was great, wasn't a cloud in the sky, low wind and the tour guide was extremely informative.  I had high hopes that this trip would be the same for my children to enjoy.

The journey started wonderfully.  The morning was beautiful, the sun was shinning and we were full of excitement. The fog quickly rolled in, along with the wind, 20 minutes into our bus ride. Our tour guide was obsessed with checking the traffic report, rather than telling us about the buildings we were passing.  He also told one joke over and over, which was funny the first time, but got old quick (Did you know that Lombard Street isn't the crookedest street in American? Wall Street is!). After the fifth time we started to tune him out. Unfortunately we didn't learn anything and from the picture below, the weather was taking a toll on us and the kids were ready for our adventure to end. The city was still beautiful and had some great views. 

After the bus tour, we went to our favorite organic restaurant and ate our hearts out. They serve all food on washable plates/utensils/cups, no straws and have compostable paper boxes for left over food.  Our zero waste dinner made up for the cold bus tour.

I still would recommend a bus tour for any visiting tourists as long as they follow these two rules:
1) Don't go in July unless you have your winter coat, hat and gloves. It is the coldest month of the year.
2) Pick a guided headphone tour instead of a person guided tour. You can bring your headphones so you don't waste plastic on their headphones. 

Has anyone else had an outing gone awry this summer?

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