Sunday, September 22, 2013

Perfect Week!

Maggie-0 (yes really 0 and was easier than I thought)

Aaron - 4 (Pictured: lemonade wrapper and ketchup top, Not pictured: Gatorade and candy wrapper)

Noah - 4 (Pictured: lemonade wrapper and ketchup top, Not pictured: Food wrapper from school)

Trey - 4 (Pictured: ketchup top, Not pictured: 3 airhead wrappers)

Community Trash - 4 (Pictured: 2 milk tabs, vanilla container, *plastic cup)

It was exciting to achieve a true zero waste week for my personal count. We are searching for vanilla extract in bulk or glass, as we go through extracts pretty quickly. If any one has suggestions, please let me know.

I have not decided on my activities yet but I think I see s hike in our future. I will include them on next weeks count. We were not able to go to Jumpology this weekend and postponed for next weekend. We will be caught up on our fun and environmental activities by next weekend. 

*Trey had a minor concussion this past week from falling out of his chair in class and banging the back of his head on the ground. He had a headache the next day and the nurse gave him a plastic cup to drink water out of. He was too embarrassed to respond. I spoke to the nurse and she was very understanding of our lifestyle. She happily agreed to provide Trey with a paper cup if this happens in the future. 

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