Sunday, September 15, 2013

Noah and Trey win


Our Two Week Round Up :

Maggie: 5 (all shown above). Dove plastic, 2 contact cases, medicine and creamer tab. 

Aaron- 4 (3 not shown). 2 plastic bags, plastic knife and plastic wrap above.

Noah- 2 (not shown). Soda and bag of chips from a school dance.

Trey- 2 (not shown). Lollipop wrapper and stick.

Community Trash- 2; brown sugar bag and milk tab

Noah and Trey both won. They chose Jumpology for their fun activity and a litter walk for an environmental activity. I am impressed with how determined the boys are to win each week. It is refreshing to see our zero waste lifestyle is becoming routine and habitual for them more than just a competition.


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